Qinhuai River

By Qinhuai’s banks, the sunset’s glow,A traveler returns, emotions flow.The old bridge spans the rippling tide,Ancient homes in verse, side by side. Time flies swift, and we grow old,Yet the river stays, and the bridge holds.In sighs, past memories arise,Homeland’s vista, forever in my eyes. Sony Ilce-7 + Minolta 4/35-70 (with LA-EA4 adapter)

25 years from Dial-Up to Gigabit: A Ballad of Bandwidth

In days of yore, when modems screeched and groaned,And dial-up’s pace was painfully slow,We’d wait for images to load, bemoaned,As kilobits trickled, to and fro. Fifty-six Kbps, a meager stream,Yet it opened worlds, once vast and far,Email and chat, a digital dream,Though downloads crawled, like snails in tar. DSL and cable, a quantum leap,Megabytes surged,…

Houli Horse Ranch (后里馬場)

Houli Horse Ranch (后里馬場) was built by Japanese military. After WWII it’s belong to R.O.C. army and now is a local attraction for tourist. Details on Taichung Travel Net: https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/en-us/Attractions/Intro/1052/Houli-Horse-Ranch Minolta Sweet + 4/35-70 + Kodak Colorplus 200.