Double moon festival

屋頂白球懸,月明在半天;何來幻真假?誰曰信眼前。 Atop the roof, a white orb hangs,The moon shines brightly in the sky;How to distinguish truth from illusion?Who can say what’s real before our eyes? Agfa Optima Sensor 335 + Kodak Gold 100 (expired)

Gentle morning

窗櫺金光乍現,灑落氣息晨間;咖啡杯中徜徉,沉浸你情我願。 Sunlight streams through window bars,Bathing the morning air in golden hues.In coffee cups, our souls embark,Immersed in a love we both choose. Derrière les barreaux de la fenêtre, la lumière dorée se répand,Inondant l’air matinal de nuances dorées.Dans les tasses à café, nos âmes voguent,Immergées dans un amour que nous choisissons tous les deux….

After quarantine, 25th Sept, 2022

Emerging from the shadows, a week confined,A soul unburdened, leaving isolation behind.The hotel doors open, a chapter ends,To the golden horizon, the path extends. Bathed in the glow of the setting sun,A moment of peace, the quarantine done.The world outside, once a distant dream,Now vibrant and real, in the evening’s gleam. Time to have some…

Traffic light, Taichung 2024

At the crossroads of choice, the lights do shine,Red, yellow, green — symbols in a line.Red halts the flow, a stern command to heed,A failed guard against ambition’s greedy seed. Yellow, a caution, a moment to slow,To ponder the path where the masses go.Green signals go, but not all is as it seems,A veil over…

Arbor, ZNV

Arbor alta et viridis,Folia virida et luxuriosa,Rami longi et tenues,Sol per folia lucens,Caelum caeleste et clarum. Arbor est vitae symbolum,Est monimentum quod etiam in tenebris temporibus,Est pulchritudo invenienda.Arbor est spei symbolum,Est monimentum quod semper est tempus pro novo initio.Arbor est amoris symbolum,Est monimentum quod amor semper vincit. Arbor est vita,Arbor est spes,Arbor est amor. Agfa…