Traffic light, Taichung 2024

(c)2024 Huimin Chi

At the crossroads of choice, the lights do shine,
Red, yellow, green — symbols in a line.
Red halts the flow, a stern command to heed,
A failed guard against ambition’s greedy seed.

Yellow, a caution, a moment to slow,
To ponder the path where the masses go.
Green signals go, but not all is as it seems,
A veil over truth, forgiveness in dreams.

Beware the red of democracy’s plight,
Where unchecked power can smother the light.
Yet green offers illusion of hope and heal,
Where every wound hasn’t the power to feel.

In the dance of lights, a lesson we find,
The balance of power, the money talks in mankind.

Agfa Optima Sensor 335 + Kodak Gold 100 (expired)

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