Double moon festival

屋頂白球懸,月明在半天;何來幻真假?誰曰信眼前。 Atop the roof, a white orb hangs,The moon shines brightly in the sky;How to distinguish truth from illusion?Who can say what’s real before our eyes? Agfa Optima Sensor 335 + Kodak Gold 100 (expired)

Gentle morning

窗櫺金光乍現,灑落氣息晨間;咖啡杯中徜徉,沉浸你情我願。 Sunlight streams through window bars,Bathing the morning air in golden hues.In coffee cups, our souls embark,Immersed in a love we both choose. Derrière les barreaux de la fenêtre, la lumière dorée se répand,Inondant l’air matinal de nuances dorées.Dans les tasses à café, nos âmes voguent,Immergées dans un amour que nous choisissons tous les deux….

After quarantine, 25th Sept, 2022

Emerging from the shadows, a week confined,A soul unburdened, leaving isolation behind.The hotel doors open, a chapter ends,To the golden horizon, the path extends. Bathed in the glow of the setting sun,A moment of peace, the quarantine done.The world outside, once a distant dream,Now vibrant and real, in the evening’s gleam. Time to have some…

Traffic light, Taichung 2024

At the crossroads of choice, the lights do shine,Red, yellow, green — symbols in a line.Red halts the flow, a stern command to heed,A failed guard against ambition’s greedy seed. Yellow, a caution, a moment to slow,To ponder the path where the masses go.Green signals go, but not all is as it seems,A veil over…