Sunshine & the lane

Beneath the village sun, the cars stand still,Their occupants away, on errands gone.The houses slumber in the afternoon,Their windows shuttered from the heat’s strong yawn. A gentle breeze stirs through the leafy trees,Whispering tales of far-off lands and sweets.The sunbeams dance upon the dusty ground,Casting long shadows where no feet are found. A solitary figure…

A terrible day of MRT

After a decade past, on Taichung’s line,A day of dread, stars misalign.In MRT’s heart, beneath city’s bustle,An eerie event, set to rustle. A coincidence, strange and untold,In the rail’s depths, secrets unfold.A terrible day, etched in lore,Echoes of a time from before. Konica Minolta Vectis S-100 +  4.5-6.3/25-150 + Kodak Advantix HD 200(expired)

Roses & Chinese cabbage

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25 years from Dial-Up to Gigabit: A Ballad of Bandwidth

In days of yore, when modems screeched and groaned,And dial-up’s pace was painfully slow,We’d wait for images to load, bemoaned,As kilobits trickled, to and fro. Fifty-six Kbps, a meager stream,Yet it opened worlds, once vast and far,Email and chat, a digital dream,Though downloads crawled, like snails in tar. DSL and cable, a quantum leap,Megabytes surged,…

A Rural Idyll

Amidst the verdant fields, where crops sway tall,A humble house, with rustic charm, stands small.Nestled ‘neath trees, their branches reaching high,A symphony of nature, ‘neath the azure sky. The road, a ribbon, cuts through verdant land,Connecting lives, with an invisible hand.Vehicles traverse, with measured, gentle pace,Respecting nature’s tranquil, verdant space. Man and nature, in harmony…

Rustic red door / Porta rubra

Rustic red door, old and iron-wrought,In the countryside, long and deep shadows cast.A symbol of hope and of the past,A reminder of the future. Porta rubra, vetusta, et ferruginea,In agro sita, umbra longa et profunda.Symbolum spei et praeteriti,Futuri monimentum. Konica Minolta Vectis S-100 +  4.5-6.3/25-150 + Kodak Advantix HD 200(expired)