The Shinning

(c) 2023 Huimin Chi

In a world of stripes and gleaming light,
Cylinders stand, a reflective sight.
They shimmer and shine, a curious band,
Casting shadows like a zebra on land.

Ribbed surfaces catch the playful glare,
A patterned dance, quite the debonair.
They could be pipes, or perhaps a flute,
In a concert hall, they’d look quite cute.

But here they stand, in silent array,
Glowing bright, as if to say,
“We may not make a single sound,
Yet in our shine, a rhythm’s found.”

So let’s applaud these silent stars,
For shining bright, like light through jars.

Konica Minolta Vectis S-100 + 4.5-6.3/25-150 + Fnac APS 400 film(expired)

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