Fur on Roof

(c)2024 Huimin Chi

Atop the house, the leaves do lay,
A furry coat in disarray.
A verdant cloak of nature’s make,
A leafy shawl, no tailor’s fake.

The chimney’s hat, quite overgrown,
With tendrils wild, the winds have blown.
A green toupee, absurdly set,
Upon the roof, a verdant net.

The eaves are fringed with foliage lace,
A fashion statement for the place.
The gutters host a garden fair,
A leafy feast, beyond compare.

So here it stands, a sight so droll,
A house adorned with nature’s stole.

Konica Minolta Vectis S-100 +  4.5-6.3/25-150 + Kodak Advantix HD 200(expired)

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