A pair or alone

(c)2024 Huimin Chi
(c)2024 Huimin Chi

Beneath the banyan’s ancient shade,
Where sunlight filters, dappled, frayed,
Two stray cats nap, in slumber deep,
Embracing warmth, their dreams to keep.

Their fur, a tapestry of gray,
Their bodies curled in perfect play,
A symphony of purrs and snores,
A friendship nature gently pours.

Upon a nearby bench of stone,
Another feline lies alone,
His eyes half-open, gaze afar,
Reflecting life, both near and far.

He watches as the other pair,
Entwined in dreams, without a care,
A pang of envy strikes his heart,
As loneliness begins to start.

Yet still, he finds a quiet grace,
In solitude’s embrace,
For in the depths of his own mind,
A world of solace he can find.

And so, beneath the banyan’s sway,
The two cats dream the day away,
One wrapped in love, the other lone,
Two souls, on paths their own have grown.

Taken by Rollei DA-7535

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