Sunshine & the lane

(c)2024 Huimin Chi

Beneath the village sun, the cars stand still,
Their occupants away, on errands gone.
The houses slumber in the afternoon,
Their windows shuttered from the heat’s strong yawn.

A gentle breeze stirs through the leafy trees,
Whispering tales of far-off lands and sweets.
The sunbeams dance upon the dusty ground,
Casting long shadows where no feet are found.

A solitary figure walks the lane,
A stranger to this place, yet not unknown.
His heart is heavy with a distant pain,
For home he longs, where he was once his own.

The village sun beats down upon his face,
A reminder of the warmth he used to embrace.

Konica Minolta Vectis S-100 +  4.5-6.3/25-150 + Kodak Advantix HD 200(expired)

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